The Cost

Sacrifice is a daily activity. There’s an opportunity cost for everything; this is perhaps most evident when electing to do nothing.

Work provides money and cost your time.

I could buy this item, but then I won’t be able to afford that other item.

I could go see a movie, but that means I can’t use this time to chop and dispose of your limbs.

She’s always costing me something in one way or another; frequently taking up my mental real estate. She eighty-sixed me from her schemes years ago. As the only remaining shareholder in what we once had, the dividend payments have been substantial and paid out in regular deposits of anguish.

I really wanted to see that movie. You’re lucky I love you.

I cut up all kinds of things. They all had a cost, but I’ve found most of them to be worth it. I cut the legs on my desk shorter. The closer proximity to the floor gives me a sense of creative boundaries while writing. I cut all my hair off. I don’t look as good, but I don’t have to worry about combing it. I cut the hands off the clock; I no longer stress about the time.

I cut the crust off my sandwiches now. I’ve decided that it tastes better somehow.

the cost limb

I cut your limbs off. You can’t move now, but I think the cost will be worth it. In the end this will bring us closer together; now that you need me.

I thought to cut my own limbs off, but you made it look rather uncomfortable. I think I’ll spend this time to start digging instead.

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